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Annals of Social Distancing -- June Edition

My faithful 1978 Canon AT1 SLR with its 200mm lens is still following me around the neighborhood on my mostly-daily walk. I'm trying very hard to see things with a 200mm lens but I'm a pretty old dog to learn new tricks. Apart from the somewhat compressed depth this might as well as been through a 50mm. The kids in the neighborhood are often out on their bikes or skateboards but, to their credit, making a point of not bunching up. I don't know what motivated this fellow to take root at the street corner. "On Reading" Show Postponed The planned show of prints from my "On Reading" show at the Edmonds Library coincident with their Writer's Festival has been postponed until 2021. So has the

Street Photography in a Time of Social Distancing

I've been walking around my neighborhood every day that isn't raining since the "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" declaration put an abrupt stop to my taking the train into the city and poking through galleries and wandering the streets. Street Photography in a Time of Social Distancing -- SW 186th and 1st Avenue, 2020 My neighborhood isn't exactly a target rich environment for a photographer that usually is looking at people and their everyday lives. As a nod to keeping my distance even from the few people who are also out on the neighborhood streets I put my seldom-used 200mm lens on my camera. I am interested in how much that lens has changed how I see things -- I like the shallow depth of fie

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