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The Sacramento River at Flood

When I first learned photography, I carried a little Post-it around with the camera that said: Remember to ask yourself: What is your subject here? How can I emphasize it? How can I simplify it? After I’d been shooting for a while, I carried a different note that said: Remember to take the lens cap off. Wait until something interesting happens, then photograph it.
Denise Wolff
Not being a California person I had no idea that the Sacramento River was navigable as far up the river as the city of Sacramento -- although not on this lovely spring day since the river was too high for traffic to safely do so. The banks along the Old Sacramento waterfront were paved with people taking in the sunshine. I was "waiting for something interesting" to happen but it took two side-by-side negatives to photograph it and a bit of photoshop to assemble it.

The 7x14 project is going apace -- I have all 10 'em printed, mounted, matted, framed and hanging in my lair. By definition (I've used up the materials I set aside for it) it's now complete. I ran out of content simultaneously with running out of materials. This is my first all digital print project (albeit from silver negative originals). I'll put together a pdf of the entire set and post a link to it in my newsletter when I get it finished.

Now I have to figure out what to do next.


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