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Happy Valentines Day

I wish I knew these two peoples' names -- I did at the time and sent them a print. We were at a summer workshop at Seabeck on the Hood Canal in 1986. I love the warmth of his hand on her shoulder and her obvious appreciation.

Robert and Sally, Japantown in Seattle. 2023.

Not all people in love are young.


I just finished a small project. My photographer friend Christopher and I challenged each other to do a small portfolio on "The Place I Came From." He has lived nearly his entire life in one town. I left "the place I came from" after college and only visited thereafter. 20 years ago or so I did a small book (with poems by my friend Judith Skillman) called "Forgotten But Not Gone" Here's a link to a "book tease"

Download PDF • 952KB

"The Place I Came From" is more personal in that it emphasizes why it isn't "The Place I Still Live". Here's a link to a pdf

Place I Came From for Web
Download PDF • 2.87MB


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