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Click here for information on printed and PDF copies of my books:

THE FACE OF THE MARKET, 30 portraits and my memories of the subjects

REGULAR CUSTOMER, 300 photographs from Seattle's public market over 50 years.

FORGOTTEN BUT NOT GONE, memories of a small Illinois town (poems by Judith Skillman)

THE LAST HUMAN FREEDOM, photographs of Holocaust survivors and their families (interviews with them by Doris Bean)

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS: LOCKPORT, NY ca 1900, photographs from found glass plate negatives with narrative



10, 20, or 30 print portfolios are available for all my projects except "Forgotten But not Gone" and "Family Portraits, ca 1900"

prices: please inquire

10 silver prints presented on 11x14, 2-ply, white mats in a black, acid-free box.  The cover sheet describes the project.  Price: $300

with 20 prints, $550

with 30 prints, $750

10 inkjet prints presented on 8x10 matte paper in a black, acid-free box.  Price: $150

with 20 prints, $225

with 30 prints, $375

Individual Prints:

Silver Prints from all projects except "FORGOTTEN BUT NOT GONE" and "FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS: LOCKPORT NY, CA 1900"

My silver prints are made on Ilford neutral tone fiber paper processed to near archival standards.
Image on 8x10 paper -- 7" on the long side or 5.75" square, $30 (loose), $40 (mounted on 11x14, 2-ply white mat)

Ink Jet Prints from all portfolios:

Ink jet prints are made with Epson pigment inks on archival-quality, bright white, matte paper.

Image on 8 1/2x11 paper-- 7" on the long side or 5.75" square: $15.

Larger prints, 10" on the long side or 8.5" square may be available.  $40 (loose) $60 (mounted on 14x18 or 16x20 white mat.  Please inquire. 

Silver prints from all portfolios except the two below:  please inquire

Albumen prints from "FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS: LOCKPORT NY, CA 190", edition 1/1, please inquire

Darkroom posterized silver prints from "FORGOTTEN BUT NOT GONE", edition 1/1, please inquire


Shipping not included in all prices above.


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