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A photograph is only a collection of brightnesses.

Boy, did Ansel Adams get that one right! A person whose opinion I respect recently said to me "You certainly pay a lot of attention to the light." to which I replied that was true and that light is the only raw material that we photographers have to work with.

This neon sculpture (obviously all about light) was one of the hits of the 2023 Seattle Art Fair.

The big news for me this month is that the Highline Heritage Museum (where I had a 70+ print show a couple of years ago) is planning a new display for the exterior, street-facing side of their building emphasizing the diversity of the Highline community. I will have nine photographs (printed 8 FEET tall) as part of this display. I gave the curator 36 candidates and she has made her absolutely final decision (subject to revision) on which ones to show. Here are two of them.

I have the digital files (that's a lot of pixels) ready to go off to the shop that has a BIG printer.

I will post details on when the display will be up -- likely January if the weather gives us three dry days for the installation.


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