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A Rainy Day in the Art Institute of Chicago

November's Print of the Month is of one of my favorite paintings. It is perhaps the best known of Gustav Caillebotte's works -- with good reason. As you can plainly see it is done on a rather grand scale. I was hoping that one of the viewers was carrying an umbrella that I could talk them into opening -- alas, museums are pretty skittish about umbrellas. Probably working from photographs taken by his brother, ol' Gustav painted this piece with three different vanishing points then cleverly concealed the borders between the three segments -- the light standard in the center is one of them and the point of the triangular building to the left of center is the other. The effect as you walk a

Where did summer go?

Didn't summer used to be longer? It seemed to me when I was a kid that summer lasted a very long time. No longer! I read somewhere that perceived time is sort of proportional to how long you have lived. When you are eight years old a three-month season is a significant fraction of your then-life. When you are eighty ...... not such a significant fraction. But fall is certainly here and I'm already grumbling about how dark it still is when I get out of bed. (Yes, I have thought that staying in bed later would be good but having gotten up early to go to work is a hard habit to break.) There are, however, quite a few new negatives in the pipeline to keep me occupied in the darkroom while

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