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Finally -- a print I like from Three Tree Point


Three Tree Point (actually Point Pulley on the navigation maps) is a small beach community near our home. It was originally a fishing village reached only by steam boat or canoe in the 1880s. I have photographed there from time to time for several years but previously without getting a keeper. Walking along behind the low sea wall at the north end of the community on a warm sunny day -- not a soul in sight on the beach -- here are two abandoned pairs of beach shoes.


The big news for me this month is that nine of my photographs of local people are now up on the exterior of the Highline Heritage museum -- printed 10 FEET high! They are part of a permanent display to make the museum more visible from the street and to emphasize the diversity of the Highline area community. As part of the runup to this, the curator (Nancy Selguaro McKay) interviewed me for the museum’s “Voices of Highline” series.  It just went up also

When somebody mentions "10" in the context of print size I think "inches" not "feet" so this has been a bit of an adventure for me.


I believe that I got all our clocks set for Daylight Saving Time -- I'm ready for spring.!


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