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"Journal of the Plague Year"

Daniel Defoe published, in 1772, his experience in London of the last epidemic of bubonic plague in London in 1665. Defoe was a writer and journalist but his "Journal of the Plague Year" is more like a diary -- his nearly day to day observations of life in London during a very difficult year. I wonder if a diarist somewhere in the United States is doing something like that -- I'm sure not.


September's Print of the Month (or thereabouts) is from 2003. I have no idea what distracted this young vendor at the Pike Place Market but she surely wasn't thinking about vegetables.

The book that I did on the market a few years back included 300 photographs but they metaphor for the book was a walk through the market and the photographs showed people (for sure) but the emphasis was on the place -- how the market looked now and how it looked over the half-century the photographs spanned.

Looking for something to keep my darkroom busy during a time of nearly no new negatives, I decided to go back through the 3000 or so negatives from the market and select 50 or 60 of them that emphasized faces rather than places. My intent is to wind up with a portfolio of perhaps 30 that would make a nice small show somewhere.


I am pleased to note that the Highline Heritage Museum is planning to reopen with safety measures in place sometime this month. That means that the curator, the janitor, and I will no longer be the only people that have seen my show there. I hung the show there on Tuesday and the museum was closed by the pandemic on Wednesday.

Keep an eye on ttps:// for news on reopening but I'll likely send out an announcement too.


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