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I wish I could claim to have seen this at the time!

As I was flattening the prints I made yesterday I smiled at this month's Print of the Month (or thereabouts) of the guy on the ladder looking at the pretty girl. I've always liked that photograph and the little joke of the glasses on the opticians shop looking at her too. Looking a bit more carefully the major lines all point to the girl. I wonder if I saw that at the time -- certainly not at a conscious level. Good is fine but lucky is better.

I've got quite a few prints to mat and mount. I'm accustomed to wandering in to the Daniel Smith retail store on 1st Avenue and picking up white museum board in full sheets -- not any more! It looks like Daniel Smith is no longer selling retail and only their (excellent) inks through dealers. Okay, I'll order it from Light Impressions. Nope. It seems that Light Impressions is out of business. Well, how about Lumiere Photo. Nope again, only precut sizes, not many of them and no 2-ply. Artist and Craftsman Supply in Seattle's U-District? Gone. How about the Dick Blick store on Broadway -- they have Strathmore museum board in both 2- and 4-ply. Not at the retail store they don't. Dry mount tissue is getting hard to find also. So the UPS man will soon deliver a lot of mat board and dry mount tissue to my doorstep. I ordered enough to last me a long time.


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