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A successful portrait sitting ....

Wah Lui (owner of the Yuan Lui studios) said that a successful portrait sitting is one in which I get at least one exposure that both the sitter and I like.

I got several in this sitting.

We didn't have a north-facing window for light so we turned off the room lights and I set up a single, large, softbox about six feet away from Nancy, just to the right of my tripod (and, yes, unusual as it is for me, I used a tripod).

It often takes a bit of schmoozing to get a portrait sitter to relax, stop being self-conscious, and become comfortable. If you can't achieve that the camera will "bounce off of" the sitter. One of my favorite ploys is (after the camera and I are ready) is to ask the sitter to think of something -- a song, a piece of art, a person -- that makes them very happy and makes them laugh. It worked quite well this time as she thought about it, found the memory, laughed about it.

Nancy had recently finished having an elaborate tattoo done on her back, an image of great meaning to her and her ethnic heritage. She asked me to photograph it as well.


I am pleased to announce that I will show my photographs at the Federal Way Arts Commission gallery in the Performing Arts and Event Center July 19 to September 13. I plan to hang about 48 prints, a mix of dancers, musicians, and theater.

I will announce the opening event when it is scheduled.


This marks the end of another pretty tough year -- best wishes to us all for better times in 2023


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