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Julius Eastman -- I met him "when"

This Print of the Month (or thereabouts) is a composite portrait of composer Julius Eastman taken in 1974 when he was teaching at the State University of NY in Buffalo (SUNYAB). SUNYAB was a hotbed of what was then called the "new music" and Eastman was one of the movers and shakers in this rather rarified community.

The music superimposed over his face was titled "Trumpet" and it was performed by six (as I recall) like instruments but renamed as needed -- if performed by oboes then the title was "Oboe".

Our older son was enamored of the new music so I attended a good many of the recitals at SUNYAB with him. .... And I freely confess that most of what they were doing was distinctly not to my taste.

I was reminded of this portrait recently because Eastman was profiled in New Yorker and called out as one of the seminal composers of the late 20th C.

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