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Where did summer go?

Didn't summer used to be longer? It seemed to me when I was a kid that summer lasted a very long time. No longer! I read somewhere that perceived time is sort of proportional to how long you have lived. When you are eight years old a three-month season is a significant fraction of your then-life. When you are eighty ...... not such a significant fraction.

But fall is certainly here and I'm already grumbling about how dark it still is when I get out of bed. (Yes, I have thought that staying in bed later would be good but having gotten up early to go to work is a hard habit to break.)

There are, however, quite a few new negatives in the pipeline to keep me occupied in the darkroom while it is dark outside too.

October's Print of the Month (or thereabouts) is a portrait of Alex. I stop and chat with him a couple of times a month when I'm wandering about in downtown Seattle. He is a retired EMT and firefighter who broke the color barrier in the fire company that he served -- after doing a couple of hitches in the Marines. He is now on staff as security for a downtown church -- calls himself the "keep an eye on things" guy. I'll bet he is good at it, too.


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