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Street Photography in the Time of Pandemic


I spent a couple of very welcome hours at the Pike Place Market last week. I likely won't return there for the foreseeable future -- while nearly everybody was wearing masks the place was teeming with people and, given the current infection rates, I was pretty uncomfortable. Besides, a flock of people wearing masks is not truly conducive to the kind of photographs I usually take. This one was an exception. I hope I can find her again and give her a print. I gave her my card but I haven't heard from her yet.

The market is rapidly changing into a sort of tourist attraction that kind of looks like a market. Several of the landmark businesses have closed and apart from the flower vendors there are a lot less farmers. One of the long-time vendors (and friend) recognized me even on the street with my mask on to tell me how much he still appreciates my book on the market. (sigh)


A different view of the Bach suites for solo cello. I was playing a cd of them the other day and decided to look up this print from Folklife in 2019. Pablo Casals once said that he played at least one of them every day because it was good for his soul.

Not Pablo Casals but this young guy was doing a pretty good job.

I'm back in the darkroom again. (Said to the tune of an awful old movie cowboy song sung by and awful old movie cowboy singer. Talk about an unwelcome ear worm.)

I printed one day this week -- first time since early May and I was very clumsy. By the end of the day it was starting to feel right again.

(Random memory regarding the old movie cowboy song: "Where the longhorn cattle feed on the lowly gimson weed" -- not for long they don't, gimson weed is poisonous.



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