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Self-Isolation Edition

I'm trying to use this period of staying home a lot more than usual (not that I'm exactly a social butterfly even in normal times) to catch up on record keeping, writing -- even a few darkroom adventures. But this time of year I'd a lot rather be out once a week or so to go to the galleries or museum or meet a photography buddy at a coffee shop to solve all the world's photography problems -- with my camera tagging along just in case. I sure wish I could get interested in photographing still lifes. Don't get me wrong here -- I love looking at other people's still lifes. My friend Doug's work knocks my socks off -- I just am not interested in doing them myself.

New negatives? Not so much.

This month's print of the month (or thereabouts) certainly doesn't come from a new negative. We had taken our then-young children to Old Fort Niagara at the mouth of the Niagara River where it reaches Lake Ontario. We were combing through the War of 1812 fortifications. This young, face-painted kid popped out of a gunpowder magazine and I had enough time for one negative before his look of surprise wore off.

Perhaps by the beginning of next month I'll be back in the saddle and have some new negatives to print. I'm still going through my archives but I feel a lot like Imogen Cunningham -- my favorite photograph is the one I'm going to take tomorrow.

Oh, by the way. My exhibit at the Highline Heritage Museum looks pretty snappy if I do say so myself. The museum closed its doors for the COVID-19 furlough the day after it was hung. I put together a PDF catalog of the show and posted it on my website's home page.


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