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"Out with a Pocketful of Film"

I spent a good deal of time this month freshening up my website (and not a minute too soon either.) I was embarrassed by how many misspelled words I found. However, beyond a whole lot of nickel and dime changes I remodeled the "PROJECTS" tab into "GALLERIES/PORTFOLIOS" to reflect my campaign to organize small (20 to 30 prints) portfolios of my longer, open-ended projects. As I complete the portfolios -- hopefully one a month after getting three up this month -- I'll add them to the site.

I sure hope to be able to get out with my camera before long. Robert Adams said "No place is boring if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of film." You might suspect (and correctly so) that I am doing these portfolios as a substitute for not being out with a pocket full of film. That said, I'm pleased with how they look and I hope you are also.

This is 1 of the 30 prints in portfolio named "The Face of the Market". It is portraits and memories of Seattle's public market. The silver print portfolio is finished - you can see a pdf preview of it on my website. The perfect bound book of this project is now at the print shop and I should see a final proof of it in a few days. I'm very pleased with the portfolio and the book, while not as spiffy as the actual prints, is looking good also.

The Work of the Weavers

A few years back my photographs were part of a show examining the impacts of modern technology on art and communication. I chose to work with an artist/weaver to show how the ancient trade of hand weaving had morphed into an art form without making major changes to the technology of a couple of centuries ago. Yes, the looms that I photographed were made from modern materials but the weavers of 200 years ago would have no trouble sitting down on the bench and using them. My project followed a master weaver, Marjy Fiddler, through the entire process of warping the loom, creating the piece and taking it off the loom.

I revisited the photographs from this project and selected a 20 print portfolio. A few of the prints and the link to a pdf preview are on my website.

Paris 1978

Wow! It doesn't look like that now.

In 1978 I had the pleasure of working in Paris for two weeks in the spring and two weeks in the late fall. I was there to help set up a cooperative venture between my employer and a French company. It never came to pass but I got to Paris twice anyway. I was working very hard to be sure but evenings and weekends were for me and my camera. One of my French colleagues acted as my informal tour guide. This portfolio of 20 prints from the streets are my memories of the City of Light from 40+ years ago. This isn't one of the prints in the portfolio (no people). A few prints and a pdf preview are on my website.


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