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Marketing My Photographs is Only Fun When it Works.

On Reading #61, Highland Games 2011

Marketing is my least favorite photographic activity -- I'd much rather be photographing or splashing about in the darkroom. However, I did bully myself into putting together a couple of show proposals.

September's Print of the Month (or thereabouts) is an addition to my "On Reading" series. I got back to this project while putting together one of these proposals -- which, hooray, was accepted.

Some 25 (or thereabout) photographs from this series will be shown at the Edmonds Libraries gallery space in October 2020. They will be on display during the annual "Write on the Sound" writers' conference.

I began this series after becoming enchanted with the great Andre Kertesz'

1974 book "On Reading". (Always steal ideas from the best.)

My favorite museum visit last month was to Portland Art Museum's "Paris 1900" show. There wasn't a whole lot of still photography -- a few albumen prints-- but a wonderful 10-minute or so movie by the Lumiere brothers about the 1900 World Exposition in Paris. There was a 2 1/2 mile long moving sidewalk (who knew?) that went around the entire expo. They essentially set up a camera on a tripod on the moving sidewalk and let it run. The amount of information in that movie was absolutely stunning -- not only of the expo but of the city, the people ....

The quotation of the month (top of the front page on my website) should raise some hackles. Berenice Abbott was cranky and opinionated. I like that in a person. It's sort of a more in-your-face version of David Hurn's statement that photography's strength is to show what something or someone looked like at a particular time.


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