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Light is all I have to work with.

Ruth Bernhard was right. If you are a photographer you are required to be very conscious of light. It's the only raw material you have. The camera, film, paper, (sensor, photoshop) are only tools for recording it and shaping it.

My 3-minute slide show "on reading" is still available at:

I will leave it up until the end of the month.

Between the loosening of COVID19 restrictions and the extended summer-like weather we have enjoyed for the past few week I have actually collected a handful of new negatives (and not a minute too soon, either).

Continuing my "in the manner of" series -- the hard light (it's always about light) and the austere lines of this cottage makes this: Tamarack House in the manner of Paul Strand. I wish the little flue pipe was a bit more tilted so that it was lined up with the right hand roof line.

I still don't know where this series is going (if anywhere) but it's fun to try to see through another photographer's eyes.


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