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It wasn't my idea but I took a several week vacation from printing -- or even photographing very much. It seems that I had a disagreement about right of way with a cat that ran between my legs at a strategic moment and instead of stepping on him fell and cracked a rib. First time in my life that I've ever broken or even cracked a bone and I'm not anxious to do it again.

I do have a growing pile of new negatives and a few of them on the "work prints to be considered" board in my work area. But I'm still printing older negatives -- although "older" is getting "younger" all the time.

August's Print of the Month (or thereabouts) comes from the staging area on 4th Avenue before the start of the 2016 pride parade.

Here's a new one for me. Color? Cell phone?

We were at the Portland Art Museum earlier this week to soak in wonderful art -- the "Paris 1900" show there that, alas, closes on September 8.

This huge show had paintings and drawings both by famous names and equally talented unknowns, sculpture (a marvelous plaster bust of Pissaro and a stunning full scale bronze of Psyche), Art Nouveau/Art Deco work, Toulous-Latrec posters, costume, a fully restored copy of Georges Méliès. movie "A Trip to the Moon" a restored black & white documentary movie of the Paris Exposition.

I hope I get to see it again before it closes.

This young apprentice was hard at work sketching a lady's "riding costume" (long skirt so she could ride sidesaddle without revealing any suggestive ankles) as I walked by wishing for the camera that was in the checkroom with my bag and realized that I did have a camera with me.


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