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Change to "print of the month" gallery

Prints of the Month -- beginning next month I'm going to pare down the prints-of-the-month gallery to keep only the past year's prints. If you are interested in any of the older ones, now is the time!

February's Print of the Month (or thereabouts) comes from the village of Passau, Austria -- just a few miles east of Vienna -- on the Danube. It is built on a steep spit of land at the confluence of two rivers. This stairway is in a venerable castle overlooking both rivers. The light in there was wonderful but about 12 zones.

"Regular Customer" Revisited -- Last night I went to a program about a new book "Seattle Then and Now" by Paul Dorpat and Gene Sherrard. Dorpat is a historian who has written a column for the Sunday Seattle Times for decades. Each week he shows a historic photograph from the Seattle area along with a second photograph taken from the same place -- Gene Sherrard is the current photographer who does the "now" photographs. The book is very well done and the talk was fun for sure. Alas, Dorpat was not feeling well and wasn't there.

Just before I left to go to the show I decided to take a copy of my book "Regular Customer" to give away to the authors. I'm pleased to note that it got a rave review from Gene Sherrard and two other people bought a copy. I have only eight copies left so if you are interested in a copy, now is the time for that also.

Let me count the ways -- I recently made a list of dumb things to do in the darkroom while printing. It's on my blog "" I just added another one (from yesterday's session in the darkroom.)

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