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The Cat Who Walks by Himself

This month's "Print of the Month or Thereabouts" is part of the portfolio I'm currently building. I guess I would characterize it as straight-ahead street photography. My going-in concept was that if you stay away from the major monuments (Washington Monument, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben ...) that side streets and people look a lot the same -- thus the title, drawn from Rudyard Kipling. "I am the cat who walks by himself and all places are alike to me."

I don't really believe that. The light in Paris is different than it is anywhere else. The parking cop with a checkered band around his hat isn't in New York City. But it's a good line and true enough to be a nifty title for my portfolio.

May's Print of the Month or Thereabouts is from Bristol, England. It really is as steep as it looks. It is a narrow passage between Edwardian town houses. When the granite paving stones were laid the mode of transport up and down it was sledges on skids pulled by horses. The sign at the top tartly notes "Not Suitable for Wheeled Vehicles". No kidding!

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