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Ecstatic Dancers Portfolio Done

This photograph from the 2005 Bumbershoot completes (for now) my "Ecstatic Dancers" portfolio and 13 of them are now on my website.

"For now" because the street fair and festival season is upon us and I plan to partake.

Many of these photographs are from Seattle's "Bumbershoot" festival. In its original form it was, indeed an umbrella festival of the arts that featured mostly local talent and allowed plenty of space for improvisation -- dance, music, goofy parades ...

It has morphed into an upscale pop/rock music festival with expensive admission, long lines to headliner concerts, and forbidding "professional" cameras. I liked it a lot better the old way.


A postscript to the "Julius Eastman -- I knew him when." item from February. I was contacted by the Bowerbird Foundation, the not-for-profit that is organizing a museum show and likely concert series in Eastman's honor. The page of music in my portrait is part of a score that was lost and that will help in reconstructing it. Moreover, there are few photographs of Eastman from that phase of his career. See my blog, for the entire unlikely sequence of events.

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