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Art at a bus stop?

Every year PCNW and Seattle Metro select a gaggle of photographs to be displayed at bus stop shelters all over the metro area. They are printed 2x8 (feet!) and installed on the back wall of the shelters. Panorama ratio is not my bag but I did submit an entry last year. It was selected and will be shown in a shelter .... somewhere. When I find out when and where I'll post the information.

"Why I still shoot film"

I'm pleased to note that I will have a guest blog post on EMULSIVE.ORG/Interviews in May (maybe sooner) in their "Why I still shoot film" series featuring the "print of the month or thereabouts" for March. Stay tuned for an exact date. I chose this image for the EMULSIVE.ORG blot post not only because I like it (the big reason) but also because it illustrates one of the reasons I still shoot with film. Due to a camera malfunction (the lens was not stopping down before exposure) this negative was FOUR STOPS over exposed but I could still print it.

Welcome to my brand new (well, redesigned) website

After several years of limping along with a website so primitive that it was nearly chipped out of stone and so cumbersome to update that I rarely did -- here's a new try at it. I'm vowing to keep it up to date. I plan to add a new "Picture of the month (or thereabouts)" on the splash page and peck away at "Portfolios" until all of my projects are represented. Don't hold your breath -- there are quite a few of 'em.

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