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In the manner of Edward Hopper?

The name "Edward Hopper" immediately suggests his signature paintings -- "Nighthawks", "Chop Suey" ..... I was pouring over the catalog for a current Edward Hopper show at the Whitney in New York. I already did a "in the manner of" based on his "Sunday Morning" but what caught my eye was a painting of the rooftops seen from his apartment window -- much more geometrical and sharp edged that most of his work. Here's my response:

Rooftops seen from our room at he Mark Spencer hotel at which we used to stay in Portland -- close to Powell's City of Books (of course) and the theater district.


I'm plugging away at getting ready for the July show at the Federal Way Performance Center. I'm going to show a mixture of performance photographs -- music, dance, theater. It's been fun to rummage through boxes of prints to select a representative 45 or so. I'm sure I'll be changing my mind until about a week before the show hangs.


Last month I noted that "My own darkroom work is at a screeching, shuddering halt while I help an old friend finish the printing for a rather important book. I'll be back in the dark on my own later in February."

How about "early March". We really should be done this week. We've made upwards of 500 prints. The actual printing has been fun and pulling wet prints out of the washer that just stand there are glow at you if pretty rewarding but I'm ready to get back to my own work.



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