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Bay D in Seattle’s downtown transit tunnel was where I waited to catch the eastbound bus -- now I catch the southbound train but without the "Bay D" sign.  I almost always have a camera around my neck.  It often has a few frames left on the end of a roll that I want to finish so I can develop film that night.  You can see where this is leading.

After a few years of waiting at bay D — and at other places where I catch a bus — and while riding the bus or street car or light rail — I had quite a few photographs of other people doing exactly what I would be doing if I didn’t have a camera with me.


Alas, the current security paranoia has made this project a bit harder.  If you raise a camera to your eye in the transit tunnel, the nearby rent-a-cop will tartly inform you that only Metro employees are allowed to photograph in the tunnel.  (Of course they don’t even see the people with smart phones or tablets taking photographs — only those of us with cameras roughly the size of a brick.)  My several emails and phone calls to the Metro office to find out what the rationale and actual policy are remain unanswered.





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