A portrait!  What could be more simple and more complex,
more obvious and more profound.

Charles Baudelaire

0200-08-20200807 portrait crop.jpg

Morris “Uncle Morrie” Manzo
Manzo Brothers High Stall, 197

I believe he was market patriarch Socio Manzo’s younger brother but I’m not certain.  He was “Uncle Morrie” to the new generation of the market families.


He was a quiet, soft-spoken, grandfatherly man with a smile and, in season, a fresh berry for any kid who walked by. 

This is 1 of 30 prints in a new portfolio named "The Face of the Market".  It is portraits and memories of Seattle's public market. 

There will be more information on this portfolio -- and (I hope) a major remodeling of my website for February.

January 2020 Print of the Month (or thereabouts)
Morris ("Uncle Morrie") Manzo, 1975

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