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While artists often define themselves by their preferred medium it is important to remember these tools are just wrappers around human intelligence and its most valuable output: creativity

Louis Anslow


September 2023 Print of the Month

Lunch at the Oasis with Marvin  (from the 7x14 project)

A mutual friend described Marvin as "the least linear person I ever knew".  Yep.

Photographer, writer, film-maker (short films in NY/MOMA), poet, violinist, art director ...

Friends for 30+ years, until the pandemic hit we would have lunch every couple of months and solve all the world's art problems.  The same mutual friend described Marvin's and my conversations as like "filling a Dixie cup with a fire hose."

The 7x14 project is going apace -- I have 8 of 'em printed and when my Federal Way show comes down I'll have frames to put them in.

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