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Where are you when I take your picture?  You are not an image, but a living person. 
Your eyes are a mirror, in which everything that is not you is reflected: clouds, trees, birds, and me.

Édouard Boubat


Bill Lundgren

"Read All About It" News Stand, 2014

Bill was a skilled ceramicist as well as the most senior clerk at First & Pike News (aka Read All About It).

A man of strong opinions, Bill was not at all shy about approving or disapproving a customer’s selection.  He told me that if Lee Lauckhart (the owner) wasn’t such a good guy, he would have been fired long ago.  I wanted to photograph Bill for years and he finally agreed.  He even liked the print I gave him.

In 2013 Lee told me that he had stopped taking a salary so he could afford to pay his clerks. Skyrocketing rent finally closed the newsstand in 2018 shortly before the 40th anniversary of its opening.

Bill died just before the 40th anniversary celebration.

This is the final (in both senses of the word) photograph in my new portfolio "THE FACE OF THE MARKET".  It is both the final image in the portfolio and very likely the final image in the project from which it came. 


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