A mad, keen photographer needs to get out into
the world and work and make mistakes.

Sam Abel


Rue de la Victorie, Paris 1978

I reprinted this negative (part of my Paris 1978 Portfolio) this week as part of a very welcome order for some prints from a friend. 

Getting back into the darkroom was a treat! 

I have always liked this photograph.  The guy on the ladder was an easy target and the three negatives before this one are, well, ok.  When the couple stepped up onto the curb he turned to admire her.  How Paris can you get?  (More about this photograph in the "New This Month" tab or my newsletter.

I can hardly wait to "get out into the world and work and make mistakes" -- sometimes to even get something good.

My FACE OF THE MARKET book is finished and now available on the SHOP tab of my website.  The ink on paper prints aren't as pretty as the silver prints but still pretty snazzy

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